Here we go.....

My screens for Stephens Creek Crossing are finally being made this week!  Here's a shot of the laser cutter in action that will be used for my project.  


Bartram's Boxes Remix: Trees Felled by Nature & Shaped by Artists

I'm honored to be included in this fantastic exhibition at Philadelphia's Center for Art in Wood. It's an invitational show about the Bartram Gardens, the oldest botanical garden in the United States.  I appear in the video at 11:11 and then again briefly at the end.  Here's a photo of me with the walking stick I made to honor the beautiful botanical illustrations of William Bartram. I have a full statement on my website, which you can read by clicking here.



I just finished a new bouquet for a show at this November's SOFA show. The show was curated by Emily Zilber for the Collectors of Wood Art. I'm thrilled to be included among this stellar list of artists.

 Photo by Dan Kvitka


final design for screens

Hey Beautiful People!

I'm still awaiting the final go-ahead for the screens, but here's a few images of my final designs for Stephens Creek Crossing with a crudely rendered in situ shot.  Can't wait to see these in place in a few weeks!


architectural screens

Hello Beautiful People!

Here's a few photos from a recent commission to design some metal screens for a Head Start play area located within Stephens Creek Crossing, a low income housing project in Portland, OR.  I have made the design using scissors and vinyl, which will be translated to computer and then to CAD so they can be laser cut out of stainless steel.  Here's some composites I took during the creation.


you're the best

Here's a trophy I was commissioned to make for National College of Natural Medicine in Portland. (names blurred in case they haven't given this year's award yet!)


Sitka wrapup

Hurrah! One of my pieces from the Sitka Invitational sold to Oregon Health Sciences University! (It's the one with the sun on top.)  Here's a nice shot of the sale from the outside that Sitka sent to me, featuring a silhouette of my large piece.


Sitka Invitational 2013

I'm so pleased to be invited to this year's Sitka Invitational--such a nice sampling of regional art.  Here are the pieces I will be showing.

Whatever doesn't sell at this weekend's event will be available in a few weeks through Velvet da Vinci Gallery.  


Walking Stick for William Bartram

I just completed and shipped the walking stick for next year's show at the Center for Art in Wood about the Bartram Gardens.  So happy with the results!

(P.S. For those of you who have asked about the previously posted image of the giant cedar logs I was commissioned to carve for a public project--my summer's getting jam packed with this and the playing card project, so the logs are still waiting for me.  Looks like this will be a project for 2014.)


woo! hoo! two! projects this summer!

Now that the weather has dried up a bit in Oregon, I'll be working on the totems for TriMet pretty soon!  It will be nice to learn some new skills as I turn these heavy logs into pretty art.

I also have a new Kickstarter project to create a deck of playing cards! If all goes well, I'll be creating over 50 animals to grace the card decks--learn more about this project here:


walking stick for William Bartram

Working on a new piece for the Center for Art in Wood's upcoming tribute to the Bartram Gardens. I am creating a walking stick based on the botanical illustrations of William Bartram. Lots of detail work, but am loving the progress so far. Here's a few sneak preview shots--I expect to have the completed piece professionally shot this summer before I send it off.



Here's a new body of work I created for the Craft in American Study Center's "Food as Subject for Craft" show. It's a grouping of wall pieces that are more directly food-inspired. I call this group Umami.


spiral jetty!

Finally checked this baby off my bucket list! A visit to Robert Smithson's swan song, the Spiral Jetty. It was so much fun taking a winter road trip. The roads were clear and a light dusting on the mountains provided for spectacular landscapes.  Here's a handful of my favorite images I took on our journey.