Alyson B. Stanfield said...

Love seeing the show and love the Web album plug-in. I'm sending my peeps here to see it.

Hilary Pfeifer said...

Hey thanks, Alyson!

Michael Orwick, Orwick Arts said...

Funny finding out about great local shows thru Alyson's "Art Biz Blog." The Show looks Wonderful and I look forward to getting down to the Pearl to see in person.

Nice Job promoting it and keep up all the fun beautiful work.


Anonymous said...

Great use of technology to promote your charming work.

Brenda Marks

gel said...

YOur work is fun, whimsical and in yummy colors. Congrats on the show!

It's ironic that I opened a Picassa Web Album account last week for video reasons, not had a chance to incorporate it yet, and now see it in star action here, because of Alyson's newsletter referral.

Enjoyed your site,Hilary. Your art keeps hopping!

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

I am here as one of Alyson's peeps.
Lovin' what you are doing!

Hilary Pfeifer said...

Thanks everyone for taking the time to comment. And glad to be of help!

chekov said...

Hilary, I am veiwing your blog for the first time and I really like your art. I would love to find out how your art is contructed (materials, etc) and the prices.
I have a gallery in Spicewood, Texas and I think you art would do well here depending on prices, etc. I have a blog also, www.vangoughsear.blogspot.com. You can talk to me there through the comments section or email me with the info. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Fiona Purdy said...

I love your web album! What a neat way to show people your artwork. It's more interesting because it changes.

Good stuff!

Fiona Purdy

becky said...

This is just the most wonderful, fun, enchanting piece - thanks, Alyson, for sending us this way, and huge congratulations to you, Hilary!

I'm coming to the west coast for the holidays, and am wondering if this will still be up - would be worth driving down from Seattle to see!

Hilary Pfeifer said...

Alas, Bunnywood will be up in its entirety only through the month of November. The Museum of Contemporary Craft has fabulous programming year round, so if you find yourself in Portland, you won't be sorry. I always have work of some kind on display in their sales gallery.

I will have another window show in December at Guardino Gallery in Portland. I will probably post details here at some point, but look at my other blog for the full story. (bunnywithatoolbelt.blogspot.com)